Grand Opening March 29, 2012

Go Modern Inc., a growing furniture company in Miami specializing in modern furniture and interior décor will open a new retail location. The furniture store a 10,000 square foot masterpiece will be in the heart of Miami, at Downtown, from where it will serve residents within the area as well as visitors coming in from various locations in the Dade, Broward area. “Our store will be one of the largest modern furniture stores’ in the area and we expect to attract visitors from all over the country,” says Gabriel Denevi, President of Go Modern Inc.

The modern furniture store is focused on ensuring consumers to get access to the latest modern furniture at reasonable prices. Consumers will find the latest leather furniture designs, wood and white lacquer bedrooms, dining room furniture accented in leather, espresso finished office furniture, bedroom items, and dark chocolate colored wood living room furniture amongst other designs at the store. Go Modern Inc., plans to have something for everyone with modern or contemporary design needs.

With the entire country yet to fully recover from the economic downturn, the general nature of the consuming public has been to spend less. For this reason many experts might consider the launch of a large furniture store, especially one specialized in modern furniture, a furniture category mostly considered luxurious and unaffordable to the masses, a bad idea. Go Modern Inc has however planned the concept and operations of its store and taken such information into consideration. According to Gabriel Denevi, “The general nature of the economy doesn’t imply consumers have stopped purchasing modern furniture.

We have set our products at real low prices making them affordable to the larger spectrum of consumers including those looking to buy on a small budget.” How such low prices are even possible is a closely guarded secret amongst the company’s top management, but what’s important is that consumers can come to expect top quality furnishings at competitive prices and for less than what is being sold at other stores.

In addition to the store opening, Go Modern will also launch its e-commerce website, to cater to consumers who reside outside of the South Florida metropolis. will serve the same products as in the store and at the same prices too. This offers consumers the benefit of online shopping ensuring access to modern furniture products. will ship to various destinations in the United States.

Not resting on its achievement, Go Modern Inc., plans to establish its presence in other locations in the US ensuring consumers in more destinations have the benefit of the experience of an in-store purchase. Presently, the retail store will cater to the Greater Miami area but management believes that it will attract visitors as far as from Broward and Palm Beach, attracted by the low prices and great designs. For consumers who don’t have the time to visit the store, much of what is sold can be purchased directly from and delivered to an address within the United States.

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